PD2 saves code compliance

“The City was evaluating outsourcing a regulatory department due to poor performance and excessive complaints from customers.  Carmen and her team, streamlined and re-aligned the department’s processes, developed and placed technology-based audit trails, and helped increase the city’s cumulative revenues from $40-$50,000 to over $1,000,000.00 for three (3) following years, complaints were reduced by 90%, customer satisfaction improved, and the department was saved!”  - City Manager

(PD2) redesigns and improves operations

  • Redesigned operational workflows to ensure validity, efficiency, and consistency while eliminating redundancy.
  • All reporting to ensure they were all still valid and necessary.
  • HR processes to ensure minimal liability and maximum benefit to the company.
  • Operational documentation for training and operational consistency.
  • Job descriptions to ensure completeness and maintain accountability for staff.
  • Software utilization to ensure they were getting the most out of their significant software investment.

PD2’s stunning findings and improvements

  • Over 120 manual monthly reports reduced to 23
  • 60% of the reports created were never reviewed by administrative staff and unnecessary were eliminated creating more time for employees
  • 80% of all the reports created manually were found to be standard reports that could be created automatically the existing software.
  • The job descriptions were developed or updated to be completer and more specific.
  • Staff was utilizing less than 50% of the capabilities of the software!

“Carmen cultivated an amazing amount of trust amongst the staff.  Her approach to the engagement was to present the operational assessment to staff as requested to ensure that they had all the tools necessary to succeed at their job.  We were initially concerned that the staff would view their (PD2s) presence as a threat to their job but to PD2’s credit, the staff became very open about their challenges and frustrations giving management an invaluable view into their world while improving the work environment.

PD2 helped us save hundreds of man-hours!”  Tasks that were normally left undone, completed.  Staff started working together more harmoniously! Staff can now be properly supported and held accountable.”  - Owner

Hundreds of businesses complied

“Carmen was hired to increase the department’s productivity, effectiveness, and improve the image of the City - both internally and externally.  She analyzed processes, tools, and resources to include staff schedules, deployment, etc. and completely redesigned the department.  The results were dramatic, hundreds of new licenses were identified and brought into compliance and hundreds of code violations were addressed.  She helped bring hundreds of businesses into compliance generating sizable revenue for the city and improving the quality of life for the citizens.”  - Assistant City Manager

Complaints reduced by 90% and revenues increased!!!

“In response to a large volume of complaints about the City’s services, department processes were analyzed, re-defined, and re-aligned resulting in a centralized Citizens Services Center.  Customer service waiting time was reduced by 20-48% depending upon which service was analyzed.  Departmental silos were reduced or eliminated resulting in improved workflows.  Complaints against the City were dramatically reduced and customer satisfaction vastly improved.”  - City Manager

PD2’s services extended

“With the success of the first project with PD2, the engagement was extended to include the planning, development, and implementation of the recommended changes.

  • Automated store scanner implementation.
    • Saved 2 man-days per week in time currently used to file scans sent via email.
    • Dramatically improve accuracy.
    • Provide an application to allow for the rapid retrieval of the stored scanned documents.
  • Replacement of core IT infrastructure.
    • Implementing a new POS moving from VeriFone to Radiant.
    • Replacing a core server with high performance virtualized servers.
    • Building out a new secure computer room.
  • Upgrading the PDI software.
    • Implementing dozens of new features.
    • Restructuring the Price Book.
    • Creating fully automated reports.
  • Creating a Store level and DM level Operations Manual.
    • Acts as a source of training and as a reference guide for seldom performed tasks.
    • Ensured consistent customer experience.
    • Improved efficiency.

PD2 was hired to review existing process documentation, the implementation plan, and all the reports utilized by the Finance Department for the implementation of a new Finance ERP software at the City.  Because of the quality of the first report and recommendations, PD2 was asked to review the processes of the City’s Building Department Process improvement opportunities were identified, recommended, and immediately implemented.  The changes resulted in the almost immediate improvement of building permit process times.  Staff time was optimized, and customer satisfaction dramatically improved.”  - City Manager

PD2 redesigns chamber of commerce model 

“PD2 directed and facilitated a board-level strategic plan redesigning and revitalizing a long-standing weary Chamber of Commerce to a vibrant more sustainable up to date model.  The project resulted in the redesign of the:

  • Corporate Image
  • Corporate Structure
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Corporate Name
  • Statement of Ethics & Values
  • Target Audience
  • Long Term Growth
  • Branding Best Practices

The complete redesign and refresh of the corporate direction ensure resulted in a laser-focus on our target audience penetration and thereby the sustainability of the chamber’s membership.” - Chamber President and CEO