We measure our worth by the success of our clients - personal and professional.

Consulting government services
Government Solutions

Process Improvement for Government Agencies

Working with local city, state and federal agencies is our speciality. Learn more about the work we do with government institutions.

Private Industry Solutions

Improving Work Process for Private Industry

Private sectors in an industry must work to continually improve processes and business strategies. We provide deep insight into how to improve your business's workflow.


We measure our worth by the success of our clients - personal and professional.

Business Process Improvement

We help businesses identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop practical and technically sound solutions.

Executive Coaching

We act as a sounding board for leadership management, and provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting the business.

Organizational assessment

This organization is about serving you! At PD2, we focus on your results and your ROI. We begin by assessing the solutions already in place, then make recommendations for how to improve.

Change Management

We highly focus on providing earned value-added management support in the re-alignment of organizational design, management and accountability enhancement. We continually monitor results and work with your team to modify your systems to meet changing needs.

Forensic Accounting Analysis

We use accounting and forensic auditing to provide an analysis of financial records. The analysis can determine the extent of liability exposure, financial loss and high-risk accounting practices.