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Process improvement for Private Industry

Private sectors in any industry must work hard to continually improve processes and business strategies. We provide deep insight into how to improve your business operation. Day to day competition in the private sector continues to escalate. With businesses looking for any competitive advantage available, refining processes often come into view as the answer on how to improve performance, be more agile, innovative, efficient, responsive, service-oriented, and recognized.

Process Design & Development (PD2) is a business consultant entity designed to review, analyze, and refine operational business processes to maximize business potential. PD2 concentrates on areas of accountability, checks and balances, documentation, process gaps, redundancy, service delivery, operational expense control, client satisfaction, marketing, and public relations quotient to name a few. A new set of sharply honed eyes often result in long-term, repeat realized savings, new efficiencies, new markets, products, or services allowing the business to grow with a healthier, stronger bottom line.

PD2 recognizes the value of an organization’s time and money and only accepts assignments when a significant return on investment can be realized by the client as a result of PD2’s business process review and recommendations.



"PD2 helped us save hundreds of man-hours!"

-- Thom M.

"Stunning improvements - staff's software utilization increased by 50%!"

-- Comptroller

“Carmen cultivated an amazing amount of trust amongst the staff!"

-- Jim M.
Business Owner

“We dramatically improved productivity, effectiveness, and the City's image!"

-- Chris S.
Assistant City Manager

"Hundreds of businesses were brought into compliance generating sizable revenue for the city!”

-- Shirley G.

"PD2's team helped us revitalize our Chamber of Commerce to a more vibrant and sustainable model!"

-- Eric K.
Chamber President / CEO