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Government: Service Improvement

At PD2, our holistic perspective to public sector operational and performance challenges is helping clients across Cities and Counties implement successful solutions

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Governmental organizations of all types are experiencing extensive public scrutiny combined with dramatically reduced budgets. The public is demanding better service for fewer tax dollars. The only way to achieve this apparent miracle is to review the existing process and make refinements to that process resulting in reduced overhead and quicker, better quality service.

Process Design & Development (PD2) is dedicated to helping government organizations refine their processes to improve the quality and speed of service all while reducing overhead costs. PD2 concentrates on areas of accountability, documentation, resources, tools, operational gaps and redundancy, and service delivery to name a few.

PD2's team government experts provide specific life and career experience to bear on process analysis success. Government experts include former City Managers, Code Enforcement Directors, Building Officials, City Attorneys, Planning and Zoning Directors, City CFOs, and Chief of Police.
PD2's process analysis often results in long-term repeatedly realized savings and revenue allowing the public sector to provide more and better services to its customers.



"PD2 helped us save hundreds of man-hours!"

-- Thom M.

"Stunning improvements - staff's software utilization increased by 50%!"

-- Comptroller

“Carmen cultivated an amazing amount of trust amongst the staff!"

-- Jim M.
Business Owner

“We dramatically improved productivity, effectiveness, and the City's image!"

-- Chris S.
Assistant City Manager

"Hundreds of businesses were brought into compliance generating sizable revenue for the city!”

-- Shirley G.

"PD2's team helped us revitalize our Chamber of Commerce to a more vibrant and sustainable model!"

-- Eric K.
Chamber President / CEO