Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is the only sure way to get to the bottom of what you seek to know. Use our FAQ page to help you learn more about PD2.

Q: Do you work with small companies?

A: Process is not bound by company size. PD2 firmly believes that improved process positively affects all bottom lines. PD2 works with small, medium, and large organizations to achieve these improvements. PD2 has worked with Mom & Pop companies to help them squeeze more out of limited resources and we have worked with large cities to improve efficiency and transparency for the local citizenry.

Q: Is PD2 local only?

A: PD2 staff and SMEs have worked with clients around the world. Our practice goes to where the client’s needs are. Most of our engagements are based in South Florida near our main office but we do have clients with offices in South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Q: PD2 is a Business Consultant. What sets it apart from other Business Consultants?

A: What sets us apart is PD2’s business model of practical operational reviews, SMEs with direct relevant experience in the pertinent industry, and a unique pricing structure.

Q: How is PD2’s pricing structure unique?

A: PD2 recognizes the value of an organization’s time and money and therefore, does not accept an engagement unless a significant return on investment (ROI) can be realized by our client as a result of our review and recommendations.

Q: How many people do you have on staff?

A: We have an extensive library of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), to include current and former CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, Attorneys, ERP Specialist, Programmers, Web Designers, Inventory Management Specialist, Logistics Management, Marketing Directors, City Managers, IT , Code, Building, and Planning & Zoning Directors to mention only a few of our specialties found in the PD2 Library of SMEs. PD2 utilizes this library of SME’s to match highly credentialed individuals with the applicable refined skill sets to the organization, department or process being reviewed.

Q: Do you work with other Business Consultants?

A: Yes, in many cases, clients have existing consultants that do not have a depth of knowledge in a particular component of the client’s organization. On those occasions, PD2 has provided SMEs in order to provide the skill-specific evaluation to the client’s needs.

Q: What plans do you have for PD2?

A: PD2′s success is directly tied to the success of our clientele. Our goal, simply stated, is to grow PD2 by helping as many organizations as possible: improve the bottom line, increase efficiency, improve customer service satisfaction, implement checks and balances, document and refine a process, and take their organization to the next level!

Q: What or who is PD2?

A: Process Design & Development, PD2 is a business entity created to fill a need in the worlds of business, not-for-profit institutions and government agencies. PD2 is dedicated to helping organizations of all types refine their processes in order to maximize potential. Utilizing our extensive library of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), highly credentialed individuals with extensive knowledge of the applicable skill sets, are matched to the organization, department or process being reviewed.