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Who We Serve: Government and Private Sector

Client organizations
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City Miami Beach
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City Marco Islan
South Miami The City of Pleasant Living
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Americas Transportation
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Government: Service Improvement

Process Improvement for Government Agencies

At PD2, our holistic perspective to public sector operational and performance challenges is helping clients across Cities and Counties implement successful solutions

Private Industry Solutions

Process improvement for Private Industry

Private sectors in any industry must work hard to continually improve processes and business strategies. We provide deep insight into how to improve your business success.


We measure our worth by the success of our clients - personal and professional.

Business Process Improvement

We help businesses identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop practical and technically sound solutions.

Executive Coaching

We act as a sounding board for leadership management, and provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting the business.

Organizational assessment

This organization is about serving you! At PD2, we focus on your results and your ROI. We begin by assessing the solutions already in place, then make recommendations for how to improve.

Change Management

We highly focus on providing earned value-added management support in the re-alignment of organizational design, management and accountability enhancement. We continually monitor results and work with your team to modify your systems to meet changing needs.

Forensic Accounting Analysis

We use accounting and forensic auditing to provide an analysis of financial records. The analysis can determine the extent of liability exposure, financial loss and high-risk accounting practices.

Carmen V. Baker CEO
About Process Design & Development

Business Process Management (BPM) - Refining Your Business For Maximum ROI

Process Design & Development (PD2) is a business consultant entity that works with organizations of all types to refine business processes in order to maximize potential.

Operational improvements can help organizations create sustainable and substantial improvements in productivity. We bring proven techniques for eliminating waste, variability, and inflexibility in operations to our work with government departments and the private sector.

We help government institutions achieve results of similar magnitude to those achieved by private-sector institutions with productivity improvements of 30 to 100 percent. In so doing, our public-sector clients have simultaneously improved customer and employee satisfaction and used the resources they saved to better fulfill their mission to the public.



"PD2 helped us save hundreds of man-hours!"

-- Thom M.

"Stunning improvements - staff's software utilization increased by 50%!"

-- Comptroller

“Carmen cultivated an amazing amount of trust amongst the staff!"

-- Jim M.
Business Owner

“We dramatically improved productivity, effectiveness, and the City's image!"

-- Chris S.
Assistant City Manager

"Hundreds of businesses were brought into compliance generating sizable revenue for the city!”

-- Shirley G.

"PD2's team helped us revitalize our Chamber of Commerce to a more vibrant and sustainable model!"

-- Eric K.
Chamber President / CEO